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Role and activities

The role of the MLTA is to promote language learning in the ACT by providing a voice for language teachers and to facilitate professional dialogue among ACT colleagues and with colleagues in other jurisdictions.

The MLTA supports members through:

For more information, see the MLTA ACT Constitution (updated 23 May 2013) and the Events and News pages.

Office Bearers 2021

Roles and responsibilities of MLTA office-bearers are outlined in the attachment. MLTA executive and committee members are listed below.

Role Name Contact
Executive President Sharee Harrild president@mltaact.asn.au
Executive Vice-President Veronique Canellas vp@mltaact.asn.au
Executive Treasurer Lena Britton treasurer@mltaact.asn.au
Executive Secretary Annemarie Power secretary@mltaact.asn.au
Publications Editor Prudence Roveta contacteditor@mltaact.asn.au
Public Officer Annemarie Power publicofficer@mltaact.asn.au
Webmaster Frank Keighley webmaster@mltaact.asn.au
Committee Member Myriam Davies  
Committee Member Frances Szeremet  
Committee Member Silvana Olsen  
Committee Member Elysia Teh  


The Semester 1 edition of Contact for 2020 is now available via the link below.
Contact Semester 2 2020 (December)
Contact Semester 1 2020 (July)
Contact Semester 2 2019 (December)
Contact Semester 1 2019 (July)
Contact Semester 2 2018 (December)
Contact Semester 1 2018 (September)
Contact December 2017
Contact June 2017
Contact December 2016
Contact July 2016
Contact December 2015
Contact July 2015
Contact December 2014
Contact July 2014
Contact December 2013
Contact December 2012
Contact May 2012
Contact November 2011
Contact May 2011
Contact December 2010
Contact August 2010
Contact April 2010
Professional Standards Stream C Registration Form
Professional Standards Information Stream C
Professional Standards Phase 2 Information
Canberra Languages Forum Update April 2010
Plus change Abstract
Language Adventures Poster
Report on launch of Draft National Professional Standards for Teachers (added 29 April 2010)


Teachers of languages in the ACT region are invited to become members or renew membership for 2021. Please register via the MLTA ACT membership renewal form.

Membership of MLTA ACT provides the benefits of newsletters, events, affiliation to the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers' Associations, (AFMLTA), including a subscription to the national language teachers' journal, Babel, as well as FIPLV (see "Role and activities" above).

Contact details for MLTA ACT

Modern Language Teachers' Association of the ACT
GPO Box 989
Canberra ACT 2601

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